Indoor photography from Xbolig builds on the traditions from the time only the wealthy could afford a professional photographer for their homes. Their homes were captured using natural light from windows and artificial light from sources like lamps and candles. We have gone back in time to recreate the atmosphere that indoor photography once had in the days before flash photography. This gives an ambience to the rooms and shows the home as one experiences it.

Indoor photography from Xbolig builds on the traditions from the time only the wealthy could afford a professional photographer for their homes. Their homes were captured using natural light from windows and artificial light from sources like lamps and candles. We have gone back in time to recreate the atmosphere that indoor photography once had in the days before flash photography. This gives an ambience to the rooms and shows the home as one experiences it.

Present your home in the best possible way




Do you have questions about the photography?

It may seem daunting and sometimes a challenge for many people to have a photographer in their house before it is put up for sale. However, it is important to implement the right actions that will lead to the best presentation of your property.


  • How much should I tidy?
  • Should I take extra care washing the windows?
  • Is dust visible in the photographs?
  • Can I move items as we go along?
  • Will the photographer tell me which things are not suitable for the living room?
  • Should I light a fire in the fireplace?
  • Must all personal photographs be tidied away?
  • Must I paint any shoddy walls?
  • Should I put pillows on the outside furniture?
  • Will you take photos of storage rooms, utility rooms, and the garage?

We will try and answer all your questions.

How much should I clean and tidy?

Imagine that a TV station will be doing a news report from your home. The whole country will see your home.This should be taken into consideration when presenting your home. Many you know will see your home on the internet, including neighbours and colleagues.
That is the frightening aspect of the matter. The motivating factor is that it can have a large impact on the price by making those looking at your advert thing “I can see myself living here.”

How well do I need to clean the windows?

We don’t focus on the window surface itself, which is why not all marks will be visible on the pictures.
We still advise that customers clean the windows as best as possible as sharp sunlight may highlight any dirt.


You should tidy up, sweep away and remove everything that does not look good in the photograph. Potential buyers are not just going to look at the inside of your house. They should also be able to see the potential use of the garden areas. This is of as much importance in the winter as it is in the summer. To shovel the snow from the patio og putting out garden furniture on a winters day may seem strange for some, but it works.
Everyone knows that summer really is coming, and it is important to know that what it will be like to sit outside with a glass of wine on a warm summers evening. A stylist will be able to give you good advice about how to create an outdoor space.

Will the photographer tell me what works in my living room?
The photographer knows what may look out of place in a picture. We won’t ask you to move a grand piano but we may ask you to move armchairs and/or a sofa that looks out of place, in which case it may be an advantage to have people on hand who can help you move these things.
Should the fireplace be lit?

We will digitally add a fire so you won’t have to light one. A real fire may be more comforting but then it must be consistent across all the pictures.
It is important to tell the photographer if the fireplace is disconnected or not working. It can potentially be embarrassing to admit to buyers that the fireplace does not work if it’s shown with a fire in the pictures.

Do I need to remove all personal pictures?

If one has family pictures on a wall then removing them won’t be necessary.
It may be wise to replace large wedding pictures and pictures of children with more neutral ones.

Should I have pillows in my outdoor furniture?

One should evaluate the pillows on hand. If they are worn or miscoloured then outdoor furniture may look better without pillows. Outdoor furniture may still be spruced up by using pillows and blankets from the sofa.
Removing any cover or tarp from a barbeque is generally a good idea.

We do not edit out power lines in the view of the house. Neither do we “paint” any walls the owner says will be painted before the viewings. We are often asked if we can “make a lawn”, “clone in a garage door”, “remove the camper van and the boat”, and if “we can remove the pile of gravel on the parking space”. Technically speaking, all this can be done, but it is expensive and time-consuming, also we do not like this kind of edits as it affects the credibility of the photographs.

Many estate agents have ample experience in how to prepare a house for the sales process. Often, they can give good advice regarding the things that need to be tidied away before taking photographs and viewings. To tidy away / transport away is often the hardest part of the preparations.
However, decorating and making things look nice to make the house look appealing to a potential buyer of the utmost importance. A stylist or a friend who is good at interior decorating should be able to help you achieve the right atmosphere.
The estate agent should be able to inform you about who he/she thinks is the most important buyer group for your house. It won’t help to change a bedroom into a child’s bedroom if your targeted buyer groups consist of students. In that case, it would possibly be smarter to change it into an office or a study.
Both the colours and where you place decorative items, cushions, flowers, towels etc. have an impact on what others think of your house. So, our answer is not a resounding ‘Yes’, but hints and tips from a stylist or someone with an interest in interior decorating will be helpful for most people. A stylist will be able to help you with anything from cushions to decorations of a loft room. Our booking office will assist you in finding a stylist whom we can recommend based on our own experience.

Do I need to paint spotty walls?
Small discrepancies are lessened by editing the images. Ugly marks may very often be difficult to patch. Painting a wall or a whole room may pay off.
Do you take pictures of cupboards, utility rooms and garages?

We only take pictures of garages and cupboards if they’re noteworthy.
Potential buyers are often interested in how practical the utility room is.
We think of the utility room as an important part of the home.

The truth of the matter is that we are not spoilt with sunny days in Bergen. You could if you have time to wait, move the assignment from day to day until you have a day with sunny weather conditions. The weather is by nature unstable and the forecast changes from day to day. So, having sunshine on the exterior of the house often comes down to pot luck. However, many people do have the opportunity to wait is the photo shoot should fall on a grey and rainy day. Should you wish to change the day for your assignment, is our booking department happy to assist you. It will be your responsibility to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Cloudy weather conditions often result in very good photographs. Editing the photographs will give bright and pleasant results, and provided the clouds are not draped over the chimney we can edit in a blue sky as well.
How visible is dust in the pictures?

One should dust and clean most surfaces. Smudges on reflective surfaces are more visible than dust. Dirt on the floor should also be removed.

Often this is not necessary. Of course, the house must look good but certain items such as TV’s, coffee makers, the gold fish bowl and the stress-less armchair can be moved back after the photo shoot is finished. Ask the estate agent what he/she recommends should be removed for the viewing.
This is an important subject. It is imperative to have the neighbours on your team to take the best possible photographs that show the property’s overview. Even if your neighbour is not on speaking terms with you, he will understand that the price per square foot achieved by you will reflect the value of his property. Old cars without number plates and bin in the neighbourhood lower the general impression one gets from photographs, and during viewings. Start motivating your neighbours to tidy at an early stage

Not everyone will be able to judge how much work must be done to have everything tidy and removed. Sometimes we arrive at properties where a desperate house owner tells us that he had no idea there was so much work involved in getting ready for the photo shoot.
It is a good idea to put the deadline for being ready for the photo shoot to the day before the photographer is due to arrive. Washing the floor when the photographer is at the door is not recommended. Wet floors do not look good in photographs. For those who do not have storage facilities for their items, we recommend renting a van they can fill up and park somewhere else on the day the photo shoot and the viewing takes place.
There are storage options where you can rent a few cubic meters to store your item till you have moved into your new property. You should postpone any photo shoots at the latest the day before should you realize that it will be a hard task to finish tidying up. Should the photographer arrive and cannot take all the required photos, he must still invoice you for his time and his journey.

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